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golf range picking

Arcadia  leases fully self-driving golf course assistants.  Contact Arcadia for leasing information.

Choose an Arcadia Lease for an Automated Range Picking System

start your smart golf course

Arcadia is constantly learning, always ready to work, and wants to help you focus on what matters most – golfer experience.



expect efficiency

Arcadia doesn’t fatigue, forget tasks, or need lots of breaks. Durable and designed for near-zero downtime, Arcadia’s modular components can be quickly and easily serviced.


Relax. It’s taken care of

Arcadia will make sure that your range is always clean picked. You can program scheduling so picking happens when it needs to. Arcadia works efficiently, so your golfers can always practice without waiting for balls. 


focus on golfer experience - not maintenance

Arcadia ’s current skills and those it will learn can free up your staff’s time, your energy, and your club’s money to do more important things.


“The Arcadia Autonomous Range Picking System reliably operates in the background, consistently keeping our range clean. Arcadia preserves our attention, time, and money for more important things.” 

A better solution for a better golfer experience

Arcadia frees you to think ahead and invest your attention and money where you need to, so your golfers stay longer, and keep coming back. The system is built on multi-modal navigation technology enabling reliable, accurate, anytime operation – with no wires required. Expansive tank capacity results in more picks with fewer trips. Maximum surface area is not limited by range size or shape. The latest battery technology from advancements in high efficiency electric vehicles ensures consistent operation. Daily capacity of over 70,000 balls easily handles the pressure of the busiest, most demanding days. All of the above is combined with rugged industrial design, handling the most demanding terrain. Arcadia gives you peace of mind, saves you overtime, and keeps golfers swinging.

world class performance from a world class team

Arcadia ’s top priority is helping you provide a premium golf experience to your customers. The team’s collective experience uniquely positions us to apply the latest technologies to optimize your golf course maintenance.

technical specifications

Navigation Technology

Multi-modal, adaptive navigation


Operating Hours

Any time, day or night – no lights required

Daily Ball Capacity

Over 70,000 balls per robot

Navigation technology

GPS, LiDar, Odometry, Camera Vision

Tank Capacity

1500 balls per robot

Daily Capacity

Over 70,000 balls per day per robot

Surface Max

Not limited by range size or shape

save time

Arcadia takes care of multi-hour, low sophistication work with the push of a button. 

save money

An Arcadia lease gives you predictable costs, reliable performance, and optimal efficiency.”